"Commissar Raivel" comics, by Gray-Skull

The web-comics series "Commissar Raivel" is produced by talented artist, known as Gray-Skull, for nearly two years now, in Russian. Gray-Skull also designed some characters from his creation as  miniatures, produced by Artel "W". Now we are glad to present this comics to you in English :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


(Meet Kurt Wagner, Madman with Flamethrower)

Also, something about the Cadian habits

Commissar Raivel: Heart of Darkness

Chapter I

After two hundred years of warp storms raging in the sector RV-88A an abandoned Imperial World reappeared from the depth of  space - Wardos Prime, planet of the eternal ice-fields and snow-coverd tundras. Among the ruins of giant cities, there is Altredis -  the ancient complex of weapons manufactoriums. To take the planet under Imperial control, a small contingent of the Imperial Guard  was sent, but humans was not the only ones who wanted to gain the derelict Manufactorium. The rising  Waaghh! of Ork`s Horde and fleet of greenskin`s Freebooteers outstripped the imperial troops and occupied Altredis. The forces of the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy must delay the advance of orks at all costs and await for the reinforcement`s arrival. There is no other options - for in the darkness of far future there is only WAR!!!

Commissar Raivel: Heart of Darkness

Chapter II

Disclaimer: Morggot and his boyz has the very strong faith, the he looks and talking like real `umi guardsman. So, apparently Waaagh! power works this way for Kommandoz :) Bekoz der`iz da purpaz!