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And here we go!

And here we go! Thank you - all of you! - I can`t tell how excited we are. Less than two years ago Artel wasn`t even a dream - just some crazy "let`s try it, eh?". And now - whoa, look at all this now! And so much more ahead - oh, we have plans now, biiii
iig plans!
So, we want to thank you, awesome people, for whom we are making all this awesome miniatures. Here is the deal: from now on and till 00:00 of November`s 15th (GMT+4) any order will come with a gift from us - one random 28mm miniature. And at Thursday Holy Random will choose five of those who will like this post to recieve the Gift Certificate for 50USD each. Oh, and I forgot to mention - now we have Gift Certificates at It`s Hoyiday Season coming, you know :) And it will be LEGEN - wait for it! - DARY!
So - stay tuned and stay awesome, folks! Cheers!.
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