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Final round of the giveaway!

Final round of the giveaway! Another 10 miniatures from our range (your choice, 28mm scale) goes to:
1) Denny Lawlor (View on Facebook)
2) Kristoffer Sandgren (View on Facebook)
3) Rakee Dasilva
4) Chun Lin Ng
5) Nicholas Tyrrell
6) Arne Götzinger (View on Facebook)
7) Brandon Koch (View on Facebook)
8) Petar Stojanov
ić (View on Facebook)
9) Janosch Braun (View on Facebook)
10) Guillaume Juneau
Congrats! PM us to claim your prizes, please!

Discounts at the store will be on for another 12 hours - and than stay tuned (Spring Sale are coming!) - and stay awesome!.
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