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Hi, guys!

Hi, guys! Some new WIPs will be there later today, but now I want to ask you something. I`m totally understanding, that you want to know when you`ll recieve your orders, as well as waiting are too long, sorry for that. But - yesterday I spent almost 5 hou
rs answering the same requests: how long, why is so long, can you update and etc. So, again: all orders will be fulfilled, but it taking some time, especially if there was Chastener or Warseer in your order. And no, usually I can`t be more precise - too many orders for the prediction. We`re sending about 200-300 minis every week - and I`m sending tracking numbers to the customers, usually in 3-4 days after the actual dispatching. Please, be patient, we`ll back to normal schedule in two months. Until then - delays not only possible, it will be for sure. Sorry again.
Though - if you have urgent need, don`t hesitate to contact me. If you need your order for competition or tournament, or something like that - tell me about it ASAP, I`m not promising, but I`ll try to make something with priority lists. I really can`t do anything, when you tell me, that you need minis in two weeks, but I probably can if it`s month.
Thank you for your patience and support :)