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Let`s the fun begins!

Let`s the fun begins! There will be a several posts for the different miniatures giveaway, so look tightly to not miss your name (especially, if you privacy settings doesn`t allow to tag you on the pages).
So we`re starting with 10 Chapter Masters, and Ho
ly Random commads `em to reinforce this lucky Commanders armies (or shelves... or bit`s boxes :) ):
1) Thorsten Lukas
2) William Mcdonough
3) James Leigh (View on Facebook)
4) Erin Strickland (View on Facebook)
5) Rob Lurz
6) Steven Grimson-Smith (View on Facebook)
7) Kevin Kruz (View on Facebook)
8) Heiko Wolff (View on Facebook)
9) Chris Evans
10) Dan Taylor (seems like those crossed fingers working after all!)
Don`t miss another giveaway in a couple of hours :)