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UPD: This giveaway is over

UPD: This giveaway is over. More will come soon :) Results are here: View on Facebook
Time has come! Einherjar`s Kamrades almost ready to go to the battle for the Humanity! Enlist today - and take a chance to command those tough warriors from ice planet! Like our page(i
f you not already), like this post (share it too, if you don`t mind, thank you) - and at the end of week, at the day of the release (yeah, it`s this close already!) Holy Random will pick up three winners. First will claim Colonel Regina, Major Brokk and Headquarter`s Table. Second will recieve the fresh released Einherjar`s Kamrades squad. And third, the lucky bastard, will recieve the full package - Squad, Major, Colonel and Table!
Good luck!.
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